What Are the Best Pillows For Occipital Neuralgia? Update 05/2022

What Are the Best Pillows For Occipital Neuralgia?

best pillow for occipital neuralgia

Before we look at the best pillow for occipital neuralgia, let’s talk about what it is. Occipital neuralgia is a pain of the neck and back that affects the cervical spine. In this case, it is caused by a compression of the nerve that passes through the spinal cord.

The spinal nerve passes from the neck and through the shoulders to the upper part of the body. It enters the body through the face, back, and neck. This is the reason why when the nerve becomes compressed, it can be very painful.

The cause of occipital neuralgia is not always known. Sometimes, it may have something to do with a tumor in the area of the spinal cord or a bad posture when sleeping. There are also other causes. It is possible that the sleeping position causes it.

A tumor is not usually a concern when it comes to the spinal cord. Another cause of it is obesity. Weight puts extra pressure on the vertebrae of the spine. When this happens, the nerve may become compressed and be painful.

Some people do not sleep on their side due to a disability in their spine. They may be told by a doctor that they have a spinal stenosis. This is a condition where the spinal canal is narrow or deep in one side. With an open-spine, the spine is likely to press on the nerves that come from the neck and head. When the spine is compressed, the symptoms are the same as those with occipital neuralgia.

When it comes to sleeping, there are some things that you can do to help reduce the pain of the spinal nerve. The first thing is to find the right pillow for you. It should not be too hard and soft. You want to make sure that it has enough support in all the parts of your spine.

Another way to tell how to buy a pillow is by seeing how it looks. If it is too hard, it is not comfortable. On the other hand, if it is too soft, it does not support you properly.

While we are talking about how to buy a pillow, the second thing is to take a look at the mattress type. If it is firm, it will support your back well. And if it is too soft, it will not be helpful.

The next thing to look at is the shape of the pillow. The one that comes with no added support will not be the best pillow for you. You need one that will be suitable for you and for your sleep position.

One great choice for a mattress is the memory foam. It is usually made out of a combination of foam. It helps your back and neck relax because it conforms to your body. With a memory foam, you will get an even better night’s sleep.

In addition, the type of pillow that you use can also affect how you sleep. If you lie on a flat surface, the type of pillow you use can affect how you feel. It can also affect how fast you fall asleep. It can also affect how fast your body adjusts to getting up in the morning.

Since pain is felt throughout the whole body, your pillow can also help. When the pain is felt mostly in the back, the best pillow for occipital neuralgia would be a foam. One that is firm but still comfortable.